Monday, June 6, 2011


Bleu has arrived and has made himself known  to my cockatoo
Jennifer, my cat Elle Mae, and of coarse Callie Putt Putt.  I have two
shadows and they both are under my feet while I am typing
the post.  Bleu is doing good.  We have had a couple of accidents
in the house, but he is getting the idea to do his duties outside.
He loves to run circles around Callie trying to get her to play.
Callie is getting the idea but is not to sure about this little
thing that keeps jumping around and running circles.  I think
Callie will eventually start to play once Bleu is a little bigger.
There will be pictures shortly.  Hope all the cardi lovers will
enjoy my post.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My name is Kaaren Benson and I live in West Seattle with my cat named Elle Mae,
a cockatoo named Jennifer, and also Callie a Cyptic Bleu from Samhain Cardigans.
In the very near future I will be picking up my Bleu Merle Pup named Samhain Silver Bleu (the fluffinator).  Many of you cardigan lovers have seen the pictures of the "FLUFFINATOR"
provided by Mark and Kim of SamhainCardigan blog.  I will be posting in the future
so I hope to hear from many cardigan lovers.

Pictures are courtesy from