Sunday, May 22, 2011


My name is Kaaren Benson and I live in West Seattle with my cat named Elle Mae,
a cockatoo named Jennifer, and also Callie a Cyptic Bleu from Samhain Cardigans.
In the very near future I will be picking up my Bleu Merle Pup named Samhain Silver Bleu (the fluffinator).  Many of you cardigan lovers have seen the pictures of the "FLUFFINATOR"
provided by Mark and Kim of SamhainCardigan blog.  I will be posting in the future
so I hope to hear from many cardigan lovers.

Pictures are courtesy from


Elizabeth said...

Yay!! (In case you don't know, I've been dreaming about Bleu ever since I saw his fluffiness on Samhain's blog - he's SO adorable!)

I have a (very) fluffy red boy named Jon Farleigh who, along with his merle brother Dewi, is the dog love of my life. ;)

I'm so excited to get to see pictures of Bleu as he grows up!

Lucy Reeves said...

Glad we'll be able to follow Robins biggest and fluffiest bro.:-)

Anonymous said...

;) Welcome to the blog family. I would say welcome to the family but you are already there since you have Ms. Callie. Can't wait to hear about the fluffinator's adventures.

ronstew said...

Waiting for the "He's home and I can't believe how fluffy he is!" post.